What’s your favorite exercise? A rotational lunge with a dumbbell or trading out the iron for a power bag and reaping new six-pack benefits.

Trade out the iron for functional bag training and reap an entirely new host of six-pack benefits. You could do a rotational lunge with your weight in tow to build strength, endurance, balance, coordination – all while targeting those pesky love handles.

What about a rotational lunge with a power bag? If you trade the dumbbell for this heavy bag, it’ll give your core an entirely new set of benefits.

The power bag reverse rotational lunge is a difficult exercise that will make every muscle in your body stronger. You need to be careful because these exercises are not for the faint of heart!

The power bag reverse rotational lunge is the perfect exercise for those looking to strengthen their hip stabilizers. The lateral movement of the bag forces you to engage your core, lower legs and hips while also strengthening them with every repetition.

The traditional front squat may be a go-to weightlifting move but it’s not one that challenges all parts of our body like this new variation on an old favorite does–especially when performed with a heavy load in tow!

Power bag fitness training is very effective for burning fat and building muscle.

The reverse rotational lunge is a great exercise for building strength and coordination. It starts with the muscles at your glutes contracting to push you back up from the deep squat, which then turns into rotating one leg outwards while kicking that heel backwards like an ice-skater before switching legs in order to rotate them outward on their respective sides of the body when returning upright again all without going down low or losing balance!

The first 2 steps are usually done as part of traditional lunges but The Reverse Rotational Lunge has 3 components: 1) Traditional Lunging Movements & Twist (creating force); 2) Reaching One Arm Straight Out Frontward; Turning Around To Face Backward With Other Hand On power bag Opposite

The Reverse Rotational Lunge is a phenomenal exercise because it targets the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps all at once. With 3 components to this one move you will be targeting multiple muscle groups in your body simultaneously with every repetition!

The reverse rotational lunge has 3 parts: The first 2 are making sure that when executing the movement of placing weight on front leg (reverse lung), then twisting torso so back foot moves towards direction opposite from where load was placed.

Third part involves resist force by engaging core muscles while using both arms or just one arm for support depending on preference; thereby resisting being thrown off balance by heavy power bag as shown below. This type of resistance training promotes coordination between opposing limbs which improves strength and stability.

The reverse rotational lunge has 3 components. The first 2 are the reverse lunge and twist, where force is created by using your body’s momentum to take a big step backwards with one leg while bending or leaning forwards on that same side; then spin around so you’re now facing the way you came from.

Finally, resist being thrown off balance by resisting both weights (power bag). This exercise requires lots of coordination because it combines two motions: creating force which involves lunging into a weight as well as twisting in order to turn away before trying again!

Joining a kettlebell training program is similar to joining a gym but certain things will change. The kinds of exercises you follow at a kettlebell or steel mace program or the schedules you are told to adopt will differ.

Furthermore, the way the trainer teaches you or deals with the members may be much different than in a gym.

If you have been a regular visitor at your steel mace gym but are considering a switchover to boot camps, understanding a few differences between the trainers in the two may help you get used to the idea of working out in a boot camp better.


Teaching style
Don’t expect your kettlebell trainer to have the similar teaching style as the gym trainer. The trainer from DF will probably be more direct and strict because he has to teach you a host of exercises that are slightly harder than what you do at the gym. Over time, of course the trainer will become friendlier and relaxed but the style he adopts will not change. Most steel mace flow workouts teach their members in groups and gyms allow trainers to teach members on a one to one basis. This itself creates more pressure on the kettlebell boot camp trainer.

You may feel that your kettlebell trainer from boot camps is more formal and professional than your gym trainer. The gym trainer is known to adopt a friendly and informal approach when teaching both new and old members. At boot camps, you will find that the trainers are not quite the same. This may be because their qualifications or past work styles and experiences make them this way. This doesn’t go to say that your gym trainer is in any way unprofessional. It just signifies that you will notice a difference in the way they handle their professional character.

Goal Oriented
Your kettlebell trainer will be focused on making you achieve your goals as soon as possible while a gym trainer will be relaxed. Don’t misunderstand this and think that your gym trainer will be relaxed and won’t focus on helping you lose weight. Of course he will. It is just that the gym trainer will be calmer and probably won’t push you too hard to achieve a certain weight. There’s some great info on: https://www.steelmace.co.nz/hydro-bulgarian-bag-new-zealand/

Your kettlebell trainer may do the exact opposite. It all comes down to how they are taught to train their members. The kettlebell level 1 course does after all derive their structure from military training camps. Don’t expect the place to be a social get-together the way your local gym is.

Not Afraid to Shout
Your gym trainer will cajole you into eating right, may even help you with diet and lifestyle changes slowly to help you lose weight or get fit. Your boot camp trainer may be stricter in order to achieve the same. Kettlebell trainers have always come across as cool, happy individuals. The kettlebell boot camps need to live up to their reputations. You will come across great trainers at boot camps. But they will not be afraid to push you hard to ensure you achieve the goal.

When you run, the sweat you produce is limited to the number of calories being burnt. This limits the fat reducing effect on the body. For this reason you should include steel mace and steel club training into your weight loss program.

By swinging steel clubs and steel maces your body metabolism is impacted and causes mini-micro which requires repairs. This healing process needs energy which results in the burning of more calories. A half hour cardio workout at low intensity will burn around 200 calories.

You could achieve this by consuming that many calories less daily. Whereas when you do weight training, you can burn calories according to your capacity to exercise. So make sure your workout routine includes a variety of exercises that include the steel mace and steel club – it will definitely contribute to bigger and more positive fat loss. You can watch steel mace Australia videos here to get some inspiration.

Running can also prove ‘stunting’.
immuneAs mentioned above if you are into regular running, you will not see the scale numbers changing too much. While this might be OK for people who do not mind slow progress, what you need to know is that excess running might even stunt your flat loss progress. All exercises cause some stress on the body.

To meet such stress your hormones get impacted and this can control your fat dropping process. When you are doing steel club exercises, a special cortisol hormone gets released. Though not always dangerous, if you get chronic stress resulting in chronic cortisol it can lead to resistance to insulin. Pinterest: Steel Club Training Pins have some excellent examples of how to do it right.

You are then forced to store the fat in the body, scotching your weight loss plan. Also, if you are a long distance runner you can end up with your body building up an increased cortisol. This increase if built up over a period of time will lead to inflammation, breaking down of your muscle tissue, slower recovery, buildup of fat – even affecting your immune system.

Try other forms of cardio
To help you to get good muscle development boosting your weight loss goals, you just need to take up training that will you to achieve this in a short period of time. Avoid endurance running, it can only impair your muscle growth and strength.
Even if you try to up its effects by running down an incline, the better way might be to try cycling. Cycling will help in burning fat and gaining muscle.

Lifting light macebells
If you are into lifting light macebells and feel this will work because of the number of reps you do, you will not be able to burn the right number of calories. You need to use heavier loads when working out.

Heavier macebells help in achieving a higher metabolic rate which translates into more calories being burnt.

Check out https://www.steelmace.com.au/what-size-steel-mace-should-i-start-with/ to discover a good weight to start with.

macebell australiaResting
Yes, you are in the gym, and yes you have gone through a set of exercises. But are you taking too much rest in between the workouts? If you want to burn those calories you need to spend as much time moving in the gym, rather than just sitting around.

If you do take a break in between, use the time for cardio acceleration or supersets. Doing supersets involves doing a set of exercises one after the other for different groups of muscles helping with the getting ripped look. We teach these methods at our macebell workshop.

Cutting calories
Many people tend to cut the calories they consume too quickly, or stop having them altogether.
Cutting calories drastically does result in lightening bodyweight. However the body is constantly trying to reduce fat loss, as fat is an energy reserve when the food level drops. So if you cut your calories your body will get used to the new calorie level and there will not be room to cut more.

The answer would be to eat well while your body is losing fat. On reaching a plateau you can cut down on the calories and carbs. This process will repeat itself and you can continue to lose fat.

HIIT (High intensity interval training)
If you want to lose weight quickly, you should go in for HIIT which consists of alternate cycles of training with slow phases of recovery. HIIT allows you to spend less time on cardio exercises and yet burns more fat. HIIT can be experienced in several forms such as sprinting interspersed with intervals of low-intensity recovery.

A recent addition to gym training is a form of HIIT called Tabata. It involves work intervals of 20 seconds each alternated by resting for 10 seconds. Total time spent is only four minutes.

Do macebell swings for say 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds rest, or sprint for 20 seconds and then take a 10 seconds walk. Do these two exercises eight times each. It will take just four minutes and prove a super workout, definitely helping to reach the getting ripped target.

When you are looking at any weight loss program, your personal trainer will ask you to follow a reasonable health-inducing diet.

Foods that are low-fat and high in protein are what are recommended by most personal trainers. If you are a soda addict you might think of switching from drinking normal soda drinks to drinking diet sodas – the implication being that the word ‘diet’ will not have a negative impact on your fitness workouts. This is where you are wrong.

personal trainer

Check out the following reasons why diet sodas could actually do more harm than good:

· As mentioned above, when working out you need to have a diet that will give you good nutritional value to you can stick to your allowance of calories per day. Diet sodas are minus any nutritional value and will not add to your calorie count. May be you have become accustomed to the ‘fizzy’ properties such sodas provide – if so, drink sparkling water instead.

Here is what trainers learn during obtaining their personal trainer certificate;

· The artificial sweeteners used in producing diet sodas can dull the body’s natural choice of eating recommended good foods such as fruits. Artificial sweeteners are also known to trigger insulin and this will lead to your body storing fat, resulting in weight gain not weight loss.
· Results of studies on anecdotal and aspartame show that artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas can trigger headaches. Many migraine problems have been traced back to diet soda consumption.
· If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis it has been found that drinking diet sodas will compound the problem.
· Another health problem associated with drinking diet sodas is diabetes. This drink increases the risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome (elevated levels of glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and increased waist measurement) – thereby making you a prime candidate for strokes, heart disease and diabetes.
· Diet sodas can also increase your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke or vascular death. Though studies are still being conducted it has been found that people who drink normal sodas were not as prone to such health hazards as those who opted for diet sodas.
· Diet sodas can also lead to depression. If you consume around four or more cans of diet sodas in a day you could go in for depression.
· Using diet sodas to mix with your cocktail drinks could get you intoxicated faster. Cocktails containing diet drinks produce a high concentration breath alcohol. This happens because of faster absorption of such artificial sweeteners in the blood stream.
· Diet sodas, over time, can spoil your smile. Studies conducted on people who are cocaine users, methamphetamine users and drinkers of diet sodas showed that all such users suffered tooth erosion. The citric acid in diet sodas has the capacity to weaken and erode tooth enamel over a period of time.

More information can be found at https://www.personaltrainercoursessunshinecoast.com.au

Returning to the main topic of weight loss – if you are keen to lose weight you need to cut out drinking diet sodas – they will do more harm than good. In fact drinking diet sodas like other artificial sweeteners, will result in your gaining weight besides putting you at risk to all the above mentioned problems.

According to the latest market research, heart disease is considered to be the top killer of human life. Heart disease beats cancer and aids in its spread and fatality ratio. A sedentary life and an inactive lifestyle is one of the top reasons of incurring heart disease. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to prevent this situation from happening. Trainers from outdoor group fitness training specify that there are a lot of exercises you can actually engage in to prevent the onset of heart problems.

The most heart efficient forms of exercises

The biochemical changes that occur in the body after exercise are found to alter the metabolism of the body. There has been a lot of scientific research done on the topic of cardiovascular efficiency in the body and the ways to boost it.

The cardiovascular activities which involve working out all the muscle fiber of the body are actually the best forms of exercise in terms of prevention of heart disease. Surprisingly traditional cardio like running/jogging etc does not work well and interval training is said to be the best form of exercise.

There are 3 kinds of muscle fibers in the body; slow, super fast twitch and fast while the heart has two metabolic processes; aerobic and anaerobic. Evidence shows that super fast-twitch muscles are activated only during interval training which is practiced at outdoor group fitness training.

Reducing cholesterol

It’s a well-known fact that deposition of high amount of cholesterol in the arteries lead to increased blood pressure, aortic spurts and infarctions. High cholesterol is the leading cause of heart attack. The chemical composition of cholesterol shows that it is composed of lipids. When the diet is high in fat and there are little or no exercise activities practiced alongside then cholesterol buildup naturally follows.

Trainers working at Fitness Australia say that exercise is the best form of therapy and curative process when it comes to reduction of cholesterol in the body. Health research says that by a combination of a balanced diet and exercise cholesterol deposition can be reduced to 69%.

Example of a cardio friendly workout

If you are above 40 and have led a sedentary life style till now then you are at risk for incurring heart diseases. The risks are increased if you smoke and/or are overweight. Fitness trainers propose the following forms of exercise for you.

You can read more about these risks at Fitness CEC Courses – Fitness Australia.

Interval training is when alternate bursts of high intensity activity is practiced along with short rest periods. This activity boosts the heart muscles and revitalizes the muscle fibers.

Strength training boosts up the muscle power of the body and is a form of anaerobic exercise. The anaerobic pathways of the heart are strengthened by working with weights.

Core exercise activities focus on increasing internal organ strength and revitalizing core muscles. There are 29 core muscles of the body and strengthening them can protect your back and spine. Injuries, falls and sudden shocks can be prevented by core exercises.

Things you should tell your Trainer to Avoid Injury
Over-training is a common problem faced by people, practicing intense workouts, for attaining high goals such as, gaining muscles. Even when you work under the guidance of trainers, you might get injured while practicing intense workouts.

Every personal fitness trainer pays attention towards his client personally, and ensures that they should not get injured while doing workouts. To save you from getting hurt, don’t forget to give some essential details about you to your trainer.

Objective or Goal
Your objective helps your trainers in tailoring the customized workouts for you. Different people practice workouts with different objectives. Fitness Australia personal trainers are popular for designing customized workouts for their clients.

If you won’t tell the real objective of your workouts, your trainers will become helpless, and will design such workouts for you, which might hurt you. Fitness Australia CEC’s ensures your trainer has the right qualifications to train you.

Health Problems
Give your trainer the detailed description of the health problems you are facing. Your trainer will not know about your problem until you will tell him. Each and every personal trainer proactively enquires about the health problems of his clients, to make the workout sessions more productive and without injuries.

You might be having high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain or any other problem. Let your trainer know about them, so they can tailor your workouts accordingly. Each Fitness Australia personal trainer considers providing training with safety as his primary duty.

Fitness Australia courses provider are recognised through ICREPS.

The journey is as important as the end results

Remember, Weight Loss is not a goal; it is a journey. As you inch closer to your goals, you undergo comprehensive health enhancement. So, any exercise routine that you choose should be formulated in a progressive manner, which gradually helps you become stronger and healthier. Unscientific exercise routines and unscientific diet regimes are both dangerous in the long term.

Should be safe

Injuries are a serious problem when you exercise and so, check out the regime before you sign up for it. Exercises that involve use of weights, bars and use of various kinds of body movements cause injuries. Presence of a coach is essential when these are kinds of exercises are involved. An ideal exercise regime should not cause excessive strain to the body.

Should meet your requirements

A good exercise regime for Weight Loss should help you reach your fitness goals as well. If you want to build resistance, stamina, strength and lose weight, the best regime should be a high intensity cardio workout. If your goal in developing muscles, then using kettle bells and weights is necessary. Personal trainers can give you a customized regime that helps you attain your exact fitness goals.

Weight Loss Program

Should be comprehensive

Along with providing specific benefits, a good exercise regime for Weight Loss should provide comprehensive development of the body. For example, a flat abdomen with sagging thighs and fat arms is very unsightly.


Should avoid fitness plateau

An ideal Weight Loss fitness regime should never be monotonous because such regimes lead to fitness plateau. Keep varying exercises so that your body does not get immune to certain kinds of exercises. An ideal fitness regime should provide continuous progress.


In short, an ideal Weight Loss fitness regime has to be progressive, safe, comprehensive and get you continuous results. Before you choose a program, talk to the trainers and explain your exact requirements so that you have an effective fitness program.

Bootcamps are a great way to reduce weight and tone up the body. If you need to move away from the confines of a workout/exercise room, the best option available to you is a boot camp. Boot camps are always conducted out by a fitness trainer in the open.

The freshness of nature combined with the variety in workout regimes is definitely bound to entice you to try boot camp. Once you enroll into one of their exercise regime, you will see the benefits. Some of them are cited below:

It is too easy to give in to the cravings of your favorite food. But what happens eventually is that you end up putting on too much weight. A fat person slowly loses control of his life and finally loses his self- confidence too. Dubai boot camp helps to bring back your self -confidence by helping you to shed weight and tone your body. Hence, use the exercises prescribed by the personal trainers here to get back to shape and meet the world with a new zing.

Fitness Training Dubai

Plan your time with personal trainers at Dubai bootcamp. It is better to clarify your exercise regime with your personal trainer before you embark on the journey to lose weight. There shouldn’t be unnecessary disappointments and rude shocks once you land up at the boot camp. Discuss what you expect from the boot camp, your weaknesses and your goals. Once you have a frank discussion with the personal trainers from PT Dubai it becomes easier for you to follow it.

Follow the diet chart given to you diligently. Good eating habits go a long way in helping you to burn excess calories and good exercises help you to tone up your muscles. At boot camp Dubai you are encouraged to eat five small meals instead of three large ones. Their diet plan includes lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits which add nutrients and minerals to your body without adding any calories. You are also urged to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from the body. A well hydrated body is full of energy and thus keeps you healthy.

Do not be intimidated by the variety of exercises in Dubai bootcamp. Different types of exercise regime and different types of exercise technique will help to build your resistance by targeting on diverse body parts. Follow the exercise schedule given to you diligently even if you do not like it. Remember that it will help you to become stronger and healthier.


Why would you want to become a certified fitness trainer? Well, someone who has taken time and trouble to obtain a fitness trainer or personal trainer certification is showing prospective clients that they are serious about their job and have the required skills, knowledge, and other qualifications that are necessary to perform at a high level.

You may be thinking that you know a few fitness trainers who have not bothered to obtain any sort of certification, and they do well. Why would you need to take that extra step? Truthfully, if you’re currently not certified and you are satisfied with the amount of clients you currently have, the fees you bring in, and your level of knowledge, then you don’t need certification. But there are few among us that wouldn’t like to make more money, and the benefits of having more knowledge in one’s chosen field cannot be overestimated. Additionally, if you hope to enter the fast-growing field of online fitness and/or weight loss education and marketing, certification will help greatly.

Should you be new to the world of personal training, a certification can be the thing that actually gets your business going. Without a number of past successes and recommendations from former clients, all your prospective clients have to go on is your word that you’ve got the know-how to get them where they want to go. With certification, you now have objective evidence that you know your stuff when it comes to fitness program design and implementation.

There are varying levels of certification available from different organizations. Some have the reputation of being somewhat light on actual training, easy to obtain, and serving little purpose other than to allow the trainer to say they’re certified. Something like this probably would have some value to you when it comes to persuading clients that you know what you’re talking about. But will it help you when it comes to actually training them? Getting new trainees to sign up is all well and good, but if they continually leave after a month or so because they’re not getting the results they want, what kind of a business are you building? Worse, what kind of reputation?

Better that you select a certification program that actually requires you to study all facets of physical training and nutrition, and equips you for a successful career as a personal trainer, not just something that helps you to get clients and leaves you to your own devices as to what you do next.

How do you find out which trainer certifications have the best reputation for being legitimate? You’ve already started – online research. You can read the websites of the organizations that offer certification programs for basic information, but take everything you read there with a grain of salt. For the real deal, hit your favorite search engine and search for online forums frequented by experienced trainers to see what programs they recommend. If you can’t find an existing thread regarding opinions on different programs (not likely!), start a new thread yourself. Get opinions from a wide range of individuals before commiting to a specific program.

If you perform the required research, you should wind up as a certified fitness trainer that not only has the ability to get new clients, but also is able to assist them in meeting their health and fitness goals. Well worth the investment of time and money!