Personal Trainer Explains Why Diet Soda is not good for Weight Loss

When you are looking at any weight loss program, your personal trainer will ask you to follow a reasonable health-inducing diet.

Foods that are low-fat and high in protein are what are recommended by most personal trainers. If you are a soda addict you might think of switching from drinking normal soda drinks to drinking diet sodas – the implication being that the word ‘diet’ will not have a negative impact on your fitness workouts. This is where you are wrong.

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Check out the following reasons why diet sodas could actually do more harm than good:

· As mentioned above, when working out you need to have a diet that will give you good nutritional value to you can stick to your allowance of calories per day. Diet sodas are minus any nutritional value and will not add to your calorie count. May be you have become accustomed to the ‘fizzy’ properties such sodas provide – if so, drink sparkling water instead.

Here is what trainers learn during obtaining their personal trainer certificate;

· The artificial sweeteners used in producing diet sodas can dull the body’s natural choice of eating recommended good foods such as fruits. Artificial sweeteners are also known to trigger insulin and this will lead to your body storing fat, resulting in weight gain not weight loss.
· Results of studies on anecdotal and aspartame show that artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas can trigger headaches. Many migraine problems have been traced back to diet soda consumption.
· If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis it has been found that drinking diet sodas will compound the problem.
· Another health problem associated with drinking diet sodas is diabetes. This drink increases the risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome (elevated levels of glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and increased waist measurement) – thereby making you a prime candidate for strokes, heart disease and diabetes.
· Diet sodas can also increase your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke or vascular death. Though studies are still being conducted it has been found that people who drink normal sodas were not as prone to such health hazards as those who opted for diet sodas.
· Diet sodas can also lead to depression. If you consume around four or more cans of diet sodas in a day you could go in for depression.
· Using diet sodas to mix with your cocktail drinks could get you intoxicated faster. Cocktails containing diet drinks produce a high concentration breath alcohol. This happens because of faster absorption of such artificial sweeteners in the blood stream.
· Diet sodas, over time, can spoil your smile. Studies conducted on people who are cocaine users, methamphetamine users and drinkers of diet sodas showed that all such users suffered tooth erosion. The citric acid in diet sodas has the capacity to weaken and erode tooth enamel over a period of time.

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Returning to the main topic of weight loss – if you are keen to lose weight you need to cut out drinking diet sodas – they will do more harm than good. In fact drinking diet sodas like other artificial sweeteners, will result in your gaining weight besides putting you at risk to all the above mentioned problems.