Train With A Kettlebell Trainer To Lose Weight

Joining a kettlebell training program is similar to joining a gym but certain things will change. The kinds of exercises you follow at a kettlebell or steel mace program or the schedules you are told to adopt will differ.

Furthermore, the way the trainer teaches you or deals with the members may be much different than in a gym.

If you have been a regular visitor at your steel mace gym but are considering a switchover to boot camps, understanding a few differences between the trainers in the two may help you get used to the idea of working out in a boot camp better.


Teaching style
Don’t expect your kettlebell trainer to have the similar teaching style as the gym trainer. The trainer from DF will probably be more direct and strict because he has to teach you a host of exercises that are slightly harder than what you do at the gym. Over time, of course the trainer will become friendlier and relaxed but the style he adopts will not change. Most steel mace flow workouts teach their members in groups and gyms allow trainers to teach members on a one to one basis. This itself creates more pressure on the kettlebell boot camp trainer.

You may feel that your kettlebell trainer from boot camps is more formal and professional than your gym trainer. The gym trainer is known to adopt a friendly and informal approach when teaching both new and old members. At boot camps, you will find that the trainers are not quite the same. This may be because their qualifications or past work styles and experiences make them this way. This doesn’t go to say that your gym trainer is in any way unprofessional. It just signifies that you will notice a difference in the way they handle their professional character.

Goal Oriented
Your kettlebell trainer will be focused on making you achieve your goals as soon as possible while a gym trainer will be relaxed. Don’t misunderstand this and think that your gym trainer will be relaxed and won’t focus on helping you lose weight. Of course he will. It is just that the gym trainer will be calmer and probably won’t push you too hard to achieve a certain weight. There’s some great info on:

Your kettlebell trainer may do the exact opposite. It all comes down to how they are taught to train their members. The kettlebell level 1 course does after all derive their structure from military training camps. Don’t expect the place to be a social get-together the way your local gym is.

Not Afraid to Shout
Your gym trainer will cajole you into eating right, may even help you with diet and lifestyle changes slowly to help you lose weight or get fit. Your boot camp trainer may be stricter in order to achieve the same. Kettlebell trainers have always come across as cool, happy individuals. The kettlebell boot camps need to live up to their reputations. You will come across great trainers at boot camps. But they will not be afraid to push you hard to ensure you achieve the goal.