Becoming A Certified Fitness Trainer

Why would you want to become a certified fitness trainer? Well, someone who has taken time and trouble to obtain a fitness trainer or personal trainer certification is showing prospective clients that they are serious about their job and have the required skills, knowledge, and other qualifications that are necessary to perform at a high level.

You may be thinking that you know a few fitness trainers who have not bothered to obtain any sort of certification, and they do well. Why would you need to take that extra step? Truthfully, if you’re currently not certified and you are satisfied with the amount of clients you currently have, the fees you bring in, and your level of knowledge, then you don’t need certification. But there are few among us that wouldn’t like to make more money, and the benefits of having more knowledge in one’s chosen field cannot be overestimated. Additionally, if you hope to enter the fast-growing field of online fitness and/or weight loss education and marketing, certification will help greatly.

Should you be new to the world of personal training, a certification can be the thing that actually gets your business going. Without a number of past successes and recommendations from former clients, all your prospective clients have to go on is your word that you’ve got the know-how to get them where they want to go. With certification, you now have objective evidence that you know your stuff when it comes to fitness program design and implementation.

There are varying levels of certification available from different organizations. Some have the reputation of being somewhat light on actual training, easy to obtain, and serving little purpose other than to allow the trainer to say they’re certified. Something like this probably would have some value to you when it comes to persuading clients that you know what you’re talking about. But will it help you when it comes to actually training them? Getting new trainees to sign up is all well and good, but if they continually leave after a month or so because they’re not getting the results they want, what kind of a business are you building? Worse, what kind of reputation?

Better that you select a certification program that actually requires you to study all facets of physical training and nutrition, and equips you for a successful career as a personal trainer, not just something that helps you to get clients and leaves you to your own devices as to what you do next.

How do you find out which trainer certifications have the best reputation for being legitimate? You’ve already started – online research. You can read the websites of the organizations that offer certification programs for basic information, but take everything you read there with a grain of salt. For the real deal, hit your favorite search engine and search for online forums frequented by experienced trainers to see what programs they recommend. If you can’t find an existing thread regarding opinions on different programs (not likely!), start a new thread yourself. Get opinions from a wide range of individuals before commiting to a specific program.

If you perform the required research, you should wind up as a certified fitness trainer that not only has the ability to get new clients, but also is able to assist them in meeting their health and fitness goals. Well worth the investment of time and money!