Personal Trainer Benefits of Regular Fitness Training to Relieve Heart Problems

According to the latest market research, heart disease is considered to be the top killer of human life. Heart disease beats cancer and aids in its spread and fatality ratio. A sedentary life and an inactive lifestyle is one of the top reasons of incurring heart disease. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to prevent this situation from happening. Trainers from outdoor group fitness training specify that there are a lot of exercises you can actually engage in to prevent the onset of heart problems.

The most heart efficient forms of exercises

The biochemical changes that occur in the body after exercise are found to alter the metabolism of the body. There has been a lot of scientific research done on the topic of cardiovascular efficiency in the body and the ways to boost it.

The cardiovascular activities which involve working out all the muscle fiber of the body are actually the best forms of exercise in terms of prevention of heart disease. Surprisingly traditional cardio like running/jogging etc does not work well and interval training is said to be the best form of exercise.

There are 3 kinds of muscle fibers in the body; slow, super fast twitch and fast while the heart has two metabolic processes; aerobic and anaerobic. Evidence shows that super fast-twitch muscles are activated only during interval training which is practiced at outdoor group fitness training.

Reducing cholesterol

It’s a well-known fact that deposition of high amount of cholesterol in the arteries lead to increased blood pressure, aortic spurts and infarctions. High cholesterol is the leading cause of heart attack. The chemical composition of cholesterol shows that it is composed of lipids. When the diet is high in fat and there are little or no exercise activities practiced alongside then cholesterol buildup naturally follows.

Trainers working at Fitness Australia say that exercise is the best form of therapy and curative process when it comes to reduction of cholesterol in the body. Health research says that by a combination of a balanced diet and exercise cholesterol deposition can be reduced to 69%.

Example of a cardio friendly workout

If you are above 40 and have led a sedentary life style till now then you are at risk for incurring heart diseases. The risks are increased if you smoke and/or are overweight. Fitness trainers propose the following forms of exercise for you.

You can read more about these risks at Fitness CEC Courses – Fitness Australia.

Interval training is when alternate bursts of high intensity activity is practiced along with short rest periods. This activity boosts the heart muscles and revitalizes the muscle fibers.

Strength training boosts up the muscle power of the body and is a form of anaerobic exercise. The anaerobic pathways of the heart are strengthened by working with weights.

Core exercise activities focus on increasing internal organ strength and revitalizing core muscles. There are 29 core muscles of the body and strengthening them can protect your back and spine. Injuries, falls and sudden shocks can be prevented by core exercises.